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A Tribute to Grace "Hofer Ranch" Cucamonga Valley Grenache 2014

Winemakers Notes
"This vineyard represents the second expression in what I call the Grandfather series. Vineyards harking back to days of olde, where vines were planted in their most natural form: own-rooted, head-trained, wide enough spacing to easily pick into wooden boxesand organic since day dot. Hofer Ranch was planted in the pre-Prohibition days when Cucamonga Valley was a bastion of grape farming. "It took a lot of acres to raise a family" says current steward Paul Hofer, whose Grandfather planted the vineyard. It was 960 acres in its heyday, and now just 6 acres remain. Planted in sand, a root structure 35 feet deep, surrounded by ancient Eucalyptus and Pink Peppercorn trees; this is one of the most remarkable vineyards I have ever seen. Abutting the Ontario Airport 50% whole-cluster fermentation, aged in neutral barrique for 17 months. Bottled in flint to highlight the incredible shade of ruby these old vines produce."
750 ML
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