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Beat the Heat with… Wine!

Affordable Wines, Perfect For The Summer

The dog days of summer are in full effect in Chicago. With the heat index rising, we at Vin Chicago feel we owe it to you to recommend some delicious and affordable wine to beat the heat!

Classic Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp, dry and oh-so-refreshing, Sauvignon Blanc is a staple when temperatures rise. Whether you choose one from France, New Zealand or California, these wines offer amazing value. One staff favorite comes from South Africa, called Bayten, and offers a ton of citrus and a gorgeous bit of salinity on the finish. Chill these down and enjoy the sun!

Gorgeous Italian Whites

Italy may be best known for Pinot Grigio but the country is producing plenty of other white gems. Vin Chicago carries a bevy of affordable wines from Italy that offer mind-boggling value. Check them out and be sure to try this 92-point rated Falanghina!

Rockin’ Rose’

Rose’ is the hottest wine category in the United States. People finally realize that pink wine is NOT White Zinfandel. Instead, Vin Chicago offers a vast array of affordable Rose’ wines from all over the world. Many of our staff drink these all refreshing quaffs all-year-round. Don’t miss this crazy value from Mas des Bressades!

We hope this helps as you enjoy the summertime festivities. Our hand selected array of wines are available for purchase in store and online. Not sure what you will like? Stop by any of our four Vin Chicago locations and our passionate wine crew will be happy to help! We also host weekly wine tasting events at each of our locations. Come out and try something new!

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Top Affordable Wines For Mother’s Day

Top Affordable Wines For Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 8th, is the one day that has become synonymous with pampering the woman of your house. Whether she is your mother, your wife, or your grandmother, it is her day and you want to make her feel special for all that she does for you and the house. Simply put, there is no one like a mother! So why not get her the perfect present? You may like the sound of a nice bottle of wine but might be thinking that those are expensive. Vin Chicago has a great selection of affordable wine that you can get delivered or pick up at our Chicago-land (Barrington, Naperville, Chicago) locations.

Light and Sparkling: Usually you would think Sparkling wine is not affordable, but at Vin Chicago, we have a special sparkling bottle from Australia that is light and off-dry but will definitely bring a smile on your Mother’s face. Have this special bottle delivered to her by our convenient wine delivery services in Chicago.

Sweet but Savory: If your mum is the type to savor the sweetness of a wine without it being too sweet then go for a Pinot Noir. At Vin Chicago, we have a collection of affordable bottles that she will love. For an affordable price of $17, your mom will enjoy the wide palate from sweeter berry to cherry tart. With a hint of strawberry and vanilla, this bottle is perfect for the occasion and is still available at our Chicago-land locations.

Easy to Drink: If your mom just wants something that is easy to drink and very enjoyable, go for an affordable Merlot from Napa Valley at a very great price. The strong flavor with the soft finish will be perfect for her. This bottle is ready to drink, so come pick it up at our Chicago-land locations!

So save yourself the stress of finding the perfect gift. While a bottle of wine sounds expensive, Vin Chicago serves to find you an affordable price at our Chicago-land locations! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Is Wine Good For You?

Is Wine Good For You?

We’ve all heard that wine is actually good for you. Have you ever wondered why and how exactly it benefits you? Let’s explore this in depth. After all, we should be aware of the effects of something we enjoy consuming.

Heart and brain benefits: Wine is said to raise HDL (good-cholesterol) which helps to unclog your arteries. It also helps prevent clots and blood vessel inflammation, which is associated with cognitive decline and heart disease.Keep your weight in check: According to several studies and research, when consumed moderately wine assists in burning fat, leading to a narrower waist and less abdominal fat in comparison to liquor. Stop by our Barrington location to pick up an affordable bottle today!Boost your immune system: Unlike other types of alcohol, red wine does not weaken the immune system. When consumed moderately, cells that are fighting off infections are unharmed.Keep your eyes healthy: Studies have shown that consuming moderate amounts of wine has been associated with a decrease in age-related degeneration of the retina.Get some antioxidants: Red wine contains higher levels of polyphenols, antioxidants that are beneficial to your health and promote wellness.

Moral of the story: consume and indulge yourself with wine moderately. It does not have to be expensive; you can buy an affordable bottle at one of our Chicago locations like Barrington!

Note that everything written above is still based on studies and research. There is a long road of research still needing to be done to scientifically conclude that wine is good for you and has health benefits. Order an affordable bottle today and have it delivered to you in Chicago and Chicagoland locations! We offer delivery even on our affordable bottles!

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Affordable Springtime Food and Wine Pairing in Chicago-land locations!

Affordable Springtime Food and Wine Pairing in Chicago-land locations!

With spring upon us, we can finally tuck away the warm layers and welcome more dinner parties and outdoor activities. With the perfect weather, you deserve the perfect wine to go with it. The market is flooded with a huge variety of wines that are offered today. So how does one go about choosing the best and most affordable wine? We will break it down for you on the best wine pairings for springtime cuisines, and we’ll make it affordable as well:

Pasta Primavera: a dish that directly translates to “spring pasta” that compliments all the right fresh vegetables. Usually this dish goes well with Pinot Grigio, but to fully enjoy this it pair it with Soave that has a lower dryness and a medium/full body.Asparagus Risotto: to really bring out the flavor of the asparagus, try this dish with Sauvignon Blanc. The citrus taste of the wine compliments the herbs in the risotto.Barbeque: it is finally time to bring out the grill! Whether its hot dogs, burgers, or chicken, Pinot Noir will go very well as it typically has a nice medium body. It has the heaviness you seek while eating your meat but not the fullness to it. The flavor of the berry gives you a smooth and juicy finish.Beach Day: offset the heat and the sea salt with a chilled glass of Grüner Veltliner, which has fruity and firm flavors without the heaviness. It is just as relaxing as you can hope for.Baked Ham: Whether it’s for summer parties or just a dinnertime special, baked ham is everyone’s favorite. Pair the ham with Riesling to enjoy every bite of the meal. The lightness of a Riesling along with its sweet and springy taste will leave you wanting more!

We hope this helps as you enjoy the springtime festivities. Try something new at a very affordable price and you might just be lucky enough to fall in love with a new type of wine! Feel free to visit our Barrington store to check out the affordable selection we have there.

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