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Affordable Springtime Food and Wine Pairing in Chicago-land locations!

Affordable Springtime Food and Wine Pairing in Chicago-land locations!

With spring upon us, we can finally tuck away the warm layers and welcome more dinner parties and outdoor activities. With the perfect weather, you deserve the perfect wine to go with it. The market is flooded with a huge variety of wines that are offered today. So how does one go about choosing the best and most affordable wine? We will break it down for you on the best wine pairings for springtime cuisines, and we’ll make it affordable as well:

  1. Pasta Primavera: a dish that directly translates to “spring pasta” that compliments all the right fresh vegetables. Usually this dish goes well with Pinot Grigio, but to fully enjoy this it pair it with Soave that has a lower dryness and a medium/full body.
  2. Asparagus Risotto: to really bring out the flavor of the asparagus, try this dish with Sauvignon Blanc. The citrus taste of the wine compliments the herbs in the risotto.
  3. Barbeque: it is finally time to bring out the grill! Whether its hot dogs, burgers, or chicken, Pinot Noir will go very well as it typically has a nice medium body. It has the heaviness you seek while eating your meat but not the fullness to it. The flavor of the berry gives you a smooth and juicy finish.
  4. Beach Day: offset the heat and the sea salt with a chilled glass of Grüner Veltliner, which has fruity and firm flavors without the heaviness. It is just as relaxing as you can hope for.
  5. Baked Ham: Whether it’s for summer parties or just a dinnertime special, baked ham is everyone’s favorite. Pair the ham with Riesling to enjoy every bite of the meal. The lightness of a Riesling along with its sweet and springy taste will leave you wanting more!

We hope this helps as you enjoy the springtime festivities. Try something new at a very affordable price and you might just be lucky enough to fall in love with a new type of wine! Feel free to visit our Barrington store to check out the affordable selection we have there.

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