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Meet Dawn Dollerschell From Our Naperville Store!

Meet Dawn Dollerschell From Our Naperville Store!

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- Dawn Dollerschell –



What is your first wine memory?

I’m Italian, so there isn’t a time that I don’t remember wine being a part of Sunday dinners at Grandma Lucy’s! It was homemade, and that’s the only kind I knew, I never even thought about store bought wine. Our grapevines grew entwined in a long archway and as I walked my way through I was surrounded by grapes above my head, ready to be picked. It was my favorite place to be, and a lasting memory.

When I got out of college I went to Italy to visit cousins of mine who were living in Naples. One day we took a trip to Sorrento and this is where I first tasted a wine that blew my mind. Sorrento was the most beautiful place I had ever been! The air was thick with enticing floral aromas and clean fresh lemon zest, little did I know that a wine could be described in the same way! We were served wine but to my surprise it was white wine! It never occurred to me to drink white wine but it was delicious! I never saw the bottle or even asked what it was, I just drank it with new found pleasure! That moment and that memory will last a lifetime.

What is your favorite wine from a recent newsletter?


In our February newsletter we featured an Italian white wine Terredora Irpinia Falanghina 2014. This wine blows me away! I believe that this was the unknown wine I drank in Sorrento all those years ago! If you have never had it please give it a try, it won’t disappoint. The aromas are rich and intensely floral and the flavors of crisp green apples, pears and lemon pith dance on your tongue. There is substantial acidity and enough structure for this wine to be enjoyed throughout your meal. It’s a fantastic food wine!


 What was the last bottle of wine you popped at home?


I spent some time last summer visiting my cousins in New York and we were able to stay on Seneca Lake for a few days. It had been many years since I was there last and it was still just as beautiful as I remembered. My favorite winery was Herman J. Wiemer and I recently popped open their Reserve Dry Riesling 2014 that I had brought back with me. It’s simply delightful, bursting with freshness with just enough zesty fruit and minerality to pair with any picnic fare you can think of. So please don’t underestimate Finger Lake Wines because I am sure you will be hearing more and more about them soon!

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