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Meet Elston Avenue's Emily Duncan!

 What is your first wine memory?


While not exactly my first wine memory, it is a trip to France that really stands out. As a youngster in the 90's I visited Domaine Tempier in Bandol. It was a magical setting with incredible wines that I sampled liberally. It was a profound experience and, while their wines have become more scarce in recent years, I buy them whenever I have the chance


How did you end up as part of the Vin Chicago team?


I lived for 17 years in a small coastal town in Costa Rica. While they have some lovely rum and beer, wine was difficult to find and not always stored or transported under the best conditions. When I moved back to Chicago ten years ago, I found myself gravitating toward wine again. I was teaching at a cooking school on the North Shore when a friend introduced me to Vin Chicago and I started shopping there. I came on board a few years after that and have really enjoyed working with my fellow staff members and sharing my love of wine with our amazing customers.


Any special wines in your cellar that you're holding for a special occasion?


I have a few special bottles from Clos Rougeard and I am thinking about opening one of them this month for my birthday. I love wines from the Loire Valley and Cabernet Franc, in particular, with its funk, richness and vegetal notes.


When you're not tasting, buying, selling, or writing about wine, what do you do?


In my spare time, I love exploring Chicago’s ever expanding restaurant scene along with its museums and farmers markets, plus cooking at home with friends and playing with my sweet elderly Costa Rican mutt, Shiloh.

Saturday Wine Tasting - 9/14
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