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Meet Hunter Logan: Chiavennasca Connoisseur, Culinary Adventurist and Puppy Lover!

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- Hunter Logan –



What can we say about Hunter Logan? He is one of the sweetest, most sincere people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. His passion for wine and zest for life are inseparably intertwined. Ask about his latest culinary exploit and you're certain to get a big smile and a mouth-watering story!



What is your first wine memory?


I don't really have a "first" wine memory. It is more of a continuous string of memories that comprise my childhood. Wine was always a constant in my family - not surprising as some members hailed from the south of France - and a delicious bottle of wine was always present at the dinner table. Ironically, it was most often a bottle of Rioja and not a classical French wine. Riojas were a family favorite and I still enjoy them a great deal to this day. 


 What is the first wine that blew you away?


In 2009, my girlfriend and I made a pilgrimage to Napa. It was an amazing experience. We visited iconic places such as Schramsberg, Beringer, Nickel & Nickel and Silver Oak, but the place that blew me away was the Del Dotto Vineyards. It was one of the craziest wineries I had ever seen, entirely underground and modeled after an extravagant Italian villa. While on a tour of their extensive cave system, I tasted their 2007 French Oak Cabernet directly from the barrel and promptly placed an order for several bottles once the vintage was released. The wine was a perfect combination of Italian elegance and Napa power. I still have a bottle squirreled away for a rainy day.


 What was the last bottle of wine that you popped at home?


In celebration of the arrival of our new puppy, I cracked open a bottle of Ar. Pe. Pe Grumello Rocca De Piro 2006 to toast her arrival. It is a beautiful Nebbiolo from the Provence of Lombardy in Northern Italy. Which leads me to the next question...


 What's your favorite wine region?


I like wines from all over the world. I'm not biased and I don't discriminate. That being said, the wines of Italy hold a special place in my heart. The region that I have been particularly enthralled with recently is Lombardy, more specifically the DOCG of Valtellina Superiore. This region specializes in the production of Nebbiolo, locally known as Chiavennasca. The Nebbiolo from this region is its own unique creature, maintaining a seductive and youthful vibrancy despite extended aging. Once you start down the road of high elevation Nebbiolo there is no going back!




When you're not tasting, buying, selling or writing about wine, what do you do?


In addition to being a wine geek, I am passionate about food and love to experiment with food and wine pairings. I love to cook whenever I get the chance, especially on the smoker. I am always up for a new restaurant and enjoy exploring Chicago's unique neighborhoods. Most recently, I have had my hands full with our new dachshund, Gidget.



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