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Posted by Michael Matonte  on 14 September 2019
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Wine Tasting Event Chicago, Highland Park and Barr...
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Saturday Wine Tasting - 6/29


Wine Tasting Event Chicago, Highland Park and Barrington


Please join us for our weekly wine tasting this Saturday, June 29th, from 12:00 - 4:00! Every Saturday, Vin Chicago pours a diverse selection of the hottest new wines from our monthly newsletter. This week's table is all about delicious wines, including a 92-point delight for $10.99, a 94-point classic Cali Chard, a lip-smacking blend from Angela Osborne and a dense and delicious Napa Cab.


Check out the entire list below (CLICK on a wine to read the full tasting notes) and stop in Saturday afternoon to taste with us while you shop!



We look forward to seeing you!

Saturday Wine Tasting - 7/6
Saturday Wine Tasting - 6/22

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