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Top Affordable Wines For Mother’s Day

Top Affordable Wines For Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 8th, is the one day that has become synonymous with pampering the woman of your house. Whether she is your mother, your wife, or your grandmother, it is her day and you want to make her feel special for all that she does for you and the house. Simply put, there is no one like a mother! So why not get her the perfect present? You may like the sound of a nice bottle of wine but might be thinking that those are expensive. Vin Chicago has a great selection of affordable wine that you can get delivered or pick up at our Chicago-land (Barrington, Naperville, Chicago) locations.

Light and Sparkling: Usually you would think Sparkling wine is not affordable, but at Vin Chicago, we have a special sparkling bottle from Australia that is light and off-dry but will definitely bring a smile on your Mother’s face. Have this special bottle delivered to her by our convenient wine delivery services in Chicago.

Sweet but Savory: If your mum is the type to savor the sweetness of a wine without it being too sweet then go for a Pinot Noir. At Vin Chicago, we have a collection of affordable bottles that she will love. For an affordable price of $17, your mom will enjoy the wide palate from sweeter berry to cherry tart. With a hint of strawberry and vanilla, this bottle is perfect for the occasion and is still available at our Chicago-land locations.

Easy to Drink: If your mom just wants something that is easy to drink and very enjoyable, go for an affordable Merlot from Napa Valley at a very great price. The strong flavor with the soft finish will be perfect for her. This bottle is ready to drink, so come pick it up at our Chicago-land locations!

So save yourself the stress of finding the perfect gift. While a bottle of wine sounds expensive, Vin Chicago serves to find you an affordable price at our Chicago-land locations! Happy Mother’s Day!

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