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- Pre-Arrival Offering -
A 96-Point, $19.99 Blockbuster Red from Xavier Vignon!
Xavier Vignon has done it again! This sorcerer of Châteauneuf has crafted his latest masterpiece using tiny parcels of Grenache sourced from the 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017 vintages. 
While a multi-vintage wine that incorporates fruit from throughout the southern Rhône region is pretty much unheard of, nothing is outside the boundaries for this visionary winemaker, especially for his "Arcane" series of experimental wines.


Today, thanks to our relationship with Xavier, we are the first on the planet to offer his voluptuous "Arcane - Le Fou" red for sale. This full-throttle, remarkably polished wine has earned 96 Points from Jeb Dunnuck. By making a large commitment and offering it on a pre-arrival basis, we are able to let this gem fly for just $19.99. Totally crazy!

If there was ever a "don't think, just buy" wine, this is it! Never before have we offered a Rhône red with this kind of a price-to-score ratio. 


Scroll down for the full story or click now to get in on the fun!

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Xavier Vignon "Arcane - Le Fou"
Vin de France, France
A "powerful yet seamless" 96-Point Rhône red for $19.99? Wow, wow, wow! From the moment we read the review for this wine, we knew we wanted to offer it. When we learned the price, our jaws hit the floor!
Xavier is one of the top consulting winemakers in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and the southern Rhône. Through relationships with his clients, he is able to identify and secure small parcels of exceptional fruit, often in partial trade for his services. He uses this fruit to bottle wine under his own label, saving the most interesting and experimental wines for his "Arcane" series.
His "Arcane - Le Fou" contains 15 variations of Grenache from five vintages and ten subregions of the southern Rhône, along with small amounts of Syrah, Mourvedre and Caladoc. It is a blockbuster wine!

"The NV Vin de France Arcane Le Fou is another unique wine from this incredible winemaker. This cuvée focuses on different clones of Grenache as well as just about every permitted variety out there (although it's 85% Grenache). It has a big, sweet nose of blueberries, black cherries, lavender, and peppery incense as well as a full-bodied, layered, powerful yet seamless style on the palate. With no hard edges, silky tannins, and a big finish, it's a singular wine (it's mostly from vines in Châteauneuf Du Pape) to enjoy over the coming 10-15 years. Maturity 2019 - 2034."
- 96 Points, Jeb Dunnuck (8/16/2019)
Thanks to an inside connection that we have with Xavier, we were able to secure an allocation of this showstopper before it was officially released to the market. The offering we make today is the first-ever for this wine! Place your order now for delivery in July.  At $19.99, this is beyond a no-brainer!
Vin Chicago Price: 19.99
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A Just-Bottled 1972 Châteauneuf-du-Pape!
1972 Xavier Vignon Châteauneuf-du-Pape
Southern Rhône, France
Here is another epic dose of magic from Xavier. This wine comes from one of his famous clients, and the story is simply extraordinary.  
The longtime winemaker of this estate, grandfather of the current proprietors, passed away shortly after making the 1972 vintage. His sons were so respectful of this final wine made by their father that they could not get themselves to put it into bottle. The wine was left in concrete tank. For over 45 years it sat, untouched. 
The sons have now all retired and the grandchildren are in charge. They are uncertain as to what to do with the estate and have decided to sell off some of the old cuvées. They allowed Xavier to taste the 1972. He bought the entire tank.
Xavier bottled the wine just a few weeks ago. So far, no one outside the winery has tasted it. Xavier says it is extraordinary and we can't wait to try it for ourselves. This is a test
The label shown on the bottle at right is a mockup. Xavier is still finalizing the packaging. As with the "Arcane - Le Fou" we are the first to offer this wine for sale. Supply, as you would expect for a 48-year-old wine, is rather limited.
Vin Chicago Price: 125.99
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