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Why You Can Always Trust Vin Chicago

Kudos to the Chicago Tribune for rocking it out on their front page today (8/20) with a story about the biggest wine fraud in the history of the planet. For years, Premier Cru - a store in California - has been enticing wine lovers around the world (including many in Chicago) with prices that seemed too good to be true. Turned out, as we suspected for years, the whole setup was a massive Ponzi scheme. Premier Cru owner John E. Fox was taking money from his customers but not delivering the wine. In the end, he stole over $45 million - living large with fancy cars while leaving his customers hanging out to dry. He'll now be going away to prison for a long time and we're glad to see him gone.


There is no place in the wine world for this kind of criminal activity. At Vin Chicago, we've been selling futures for decades and have made good on every single bottle. If we sell a bottle of wine, we deliver it. We don't have any debt and we don't play games. We get our low price the old-fashioned way, by buying big quantities, keeping our overhead down and working on thin margins. There's no magic to it, just lots of hard work.


Starting with West Town Liquors which my grandfather opened in 1934 and Vin Chicago (then Wine Discount Center) which my father opened in 1986, my family has been continually selling wine in Chicago for 82 years. We've made it that long by keeping our word. Thanks to the FBI for getting rid of those who cheat and steal - there's no place for people like that in the world of wine!


We have already received a few phone calls with questions about the Premier Cru scandal. If you have any questions, we'd love to discuss - either on facebook, via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone (773-791-7936).


  - Peter


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