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La Boutanche Wurttemberg Trollinger Trocken 2018 1.0 LT

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(5/2019) Trollinger, like revenge, is a dish best served cold (or at least chilled). Bottled under importer Selection Massale's private label "La Boutanche," German winemaker Andi Knauss uses the Trollinger grape (aka Schiava in Italy) to produce a light bodied and slightly tart wine perfect for quaffing on a summer day. Notes of bing cherry, tart raspberry, cranberry and a hint of lemon rind sing while the lively acidity and subtle grip lend it to pair with about anything you'd eat at a picnic. Put a few of these fun 1-Liter supersize bottles on ice and get ready to take it easy.
1.0 LT
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