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After the holidays, gift-giving might be the last thing on your mind. But for all you sweethearts, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you want to continue your year as a couple, we recommend you arrive at it prepared.

For all the wine lovers out there, we’ve put together a few great ideas sure to sweeten your partner’s day! Nothing says love and romance like a good bottle of wine and wine accessories.

Wine Journal
A wine journal is a great gift for wine lovers! There are so many different varietals of wine out there, it can be near impossible to remember which ones you’ve tried and which are at the top of your favorites list. A wine journal helps you keep track of what wines you’ve tasted, your personal score, where you bought them, and any other info you think you may want to remember. You can even add the label to it if you like.

Electric Wine Opener
We can’t think of a single soul who would prefer to manually open wine rather than using a device that does it for you. Say goodbye to straining your wrists and getting sore hands from using a manual cork remover. There are a lot of different styles out there to select from, and many of them come with bonus pieces like foil cutters and bottle stoppers. Look for one that you can personalize with an initial or pet name for your loved one to give it that special touch.

Wine Bottle Candle Wicks
Want something a little more romantic? Wine bottle candle wicks are a thoughtful and romantic gift. Turn a special bottle of wine or two into a keepsake by adding the wicks and turning them into a centerpiece. The wicks holders sit on the bottle opening while the wick hangs down into the bottle. All you need to do is add lamp oil to the bottles and light the wick. Instant memento! *If you don’t already have empty wine bottles, add two bottles of your partner’s favorite wine to their gift. Once they are empty, use them for the candles as a reminder of a special Valentine’s Day!

Personalized Wine Glasses
Most of us are guilty of having that special coffee or tea mug that we just have to use all the time. Well we think wine deserves a special glass too! Drinking wine is an enjoyable experience and what better way to enjoy it than out of your favorite wine glass. There are endless styles and designs out there from beautiful, hand painted motifs to comical one-liners. We fell in love with the tipsy glass. The stemless glass makes spilling near impossible with its swivel bottom. The glass itself is actually entertaining! You’ll find yourself playing with this one-but a good spin around the ol’ glass is good for wine!

Wine Gift Basket
Gift baskets are great because you get so much in one fun bundle. For wine lovers, get a bottle or two of their favorite wines (maybe try one red or blush and one white) and add in some delicious cheese and chocolate-two favorite wine pairings. When looking for chocolates, you want ones with a little more fat (no dieting on Valentine’s Day) to pair better with wine. Milk chocolate, truffles, and caramel chocolate all taste great with most wines. As for the cheese, try a nice blue cheese or creamy brie. Of course, if you know what your partner’s favorites are, you may want to go with that to be safe.  

Tasty Dessert Wines
Of course, nothing pairs better with a Valentine’s Day gift than a delicious bottle of dessert wine. At Vin Chicago, we have several great options to fit any budget:

1.       Quintarelli Recioto della Valpolicella 2001, Red Blend from Italy

2.       Klein Constantia "Vin de Constance" Muscat de Frontignan 2007, White Muscat from South Africa

3.       Donnafugata "Ben Rye" Passito di Pantelleria 2011, White Muscat from Italy

4.       Domaine des Baumard Quarts de Chaume 2006, White Chenin Blanc from France

5.       Thurston Wolfe "JTW Reserve" Washington State Dessert Wine 2010, Red Blend from Washington

Whatever you decide to give as a gift, just remember to try to add personalization of some sort to make it special. It really should be the thought that counts, and for most, as long as you give something rather than nothing, you will be doing enough to touch their hearts.




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